Mike Hulett and Jennifer Liu have been working together since 2004 and have sold in excess of $300M in real estate.

The only connection you need to buy, sell, or develop land in Chicago



"We just know who to call! A builder client called us on a whim after he all but had a site sold. He was very experienced and shopped it well prior to the call. I thought it was a good price but my gut was that we could do better. After a few weeks we secured a buyer for almost 20% more.”


Redefining Land Services  -

Our vast experience in new construction and pre-development work makes us uniquely qualified to value and sell vacant land and tear-down opportunities in Chicago. We have been helping sellers, builders, and developers create and execute effective land strategies since 2004. Our strategy is simple - look beyond comparable sales to determine the lands highest and best use and then determine what value is associated with that use.

Services include:

  • Thorough market analysis and determination of highest and best use
  • Effectively determine value range associated with possible uses
  • Site, zoning and possible environmental implications
  • Large network of ready-made land purchasers
  • Sold and/or assisted purchase on dozens of land sites in the City of Chicago

Wow, I’m just stunned you guys were able to find a buyer at this price! Amazing job!
— Michael B - BUILDER