Mike Hulett and Jennifer Liu have been working together since 2004 and have sold in excess of $300M in real estate.

No nonsense collaboration with innovative marketing and a laser focus on sales



"We still have this desire to over work the competition just like when we were new to the business, only now we have all these years of experience steering the ship.”


Success in the development game  -

Residential real estate development contains many of the exciting elements that personify Capitalism. Foremost is the concept of Risk versus Reward. When developing new projects and communities, inherent risks are unavoidable. There are however many factors that can be considered to reduce liability and ensure the success of your new development. Many people think that the success or failure of a project is based on the execution of an elaborate sales and marketing plan. As important as marketing is to a projects success, the most accurate indication of success is found in the details of the pre-development phase. It is absolutely crucial that the right project, for the right community, is presented at the right time. We are here to expertly guide you through this process from start to finish.

Some of our Developer Services:

Sales and more sales    |   Branding and marketing    |   Land use & site analysis    |   Product composition
Floorplan optimization    |   Selections and finishes    |   Niche market analysis    |   Amenities assessment

Bottom Line = SALES

Our primary focus is to sell out your project as fast as possible netting you the highest return. Everything we do from land acquisition to the final unit sale is tailored to do so.


25 SOLD OUT developments in our new construction portfolio

  • Multiple development land sales
  • Many individual new construction Single Family Home sales
  • Nearly $1 Billion in feasibility studies on Chicago assets


Additional development services

Numerous land sales and site analysis transactions   |   Extensive pre-development planning & evaluation
Comprehensive sales and marketing analysis   |  Floor plan optimization
Detailed specification and finishes consultation   |   Market opportunity analysis